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Red Imported Fire Ants – Lewis Cobb Pest Control

Central Florida Pest ControlFire ants in Central Florida can cause lawn damage and pain for any person or animal who accidentally step in one of their nest sites. The Red Imported Fire Ant varies in size and has a dark brown gaster, or abdomen, with the rest of its body being reddish in color.

Red Imported Fire Ants make mounds in the soil during the wet season.  These dome shaped mounds have multiple openings and are relatively large. These nests are usually built in exposed soil or lawns and are usually located near concrete or pavement. The nests usually contain a single queen and hundreds or thousands of ants.

While they might be small they are also vicious. If you or your pet disturb the ants or their nest they will attack you in large numbers. The workers usually run up the feet and legs and leave painful, long-lasting stings. Over 20 million people are stung each year and the ants are responsible for more personal injuries over the last 20 years than any other insect. Try to avoid these mounds if possible.

Red Imported Fire Ants hunt living insects and scavenge for small dead animals. There have been cases where they even attack and kill bird nestlings. In your home they are attracted to sweets, sugar, proteins, and fats.  So basically everything and anything will attract these pests. They have even been known to find their way into dirty laundry.

The fire ants flight season is usually during the spring and fall, but can occur anytime especially a few days after it rains. In Central Florida that is everyday during this time of the year. Usually the temperature has to be higher than 75 degrees, it is sunny out, and there is little to no wind. The ants usually take flight late in the morning and mate high in the air.

Central Florida Pest ControlLewis Cobb can help you get rid of fire ants and keep them away. Our annual fire ant control program features TopChoice, a one time application that can eliminate fire ants and keep new ones away for one full year guaranteed! This method is only available through pest control specialists and works much better than any bait products you can purchase at the store. We prevent fire ants, take care of existing ones, and make sure they don’t come back.  Also TopChoice is only effective on insects and we use small doses for maximum results, so family and pets are safe to go in the yard.

Contact Lewis Cobb today for more information on our annual TopChoice application, which is also effective on fleas, ticks, mole crickets, and nuisance ants. Lewis Cobb is your all in one pest control service in Central Florida.