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Sentricon® is the number one brand in termite protection and for good reason. Their products are scientifically designed to eliminate the entire subterranean termite colony — including its queen. If you’ve never had termites, Lewis Cobb and Sentricon® will help you keep it that way.

With new Recruit® HD, the stations around your home are always baited, so they’re always ready to protect your home from termites.

Because Recruit® HD termite bait is available as soon as termites enter a station, it can be consumed and shared immediately, starting the colony elimination process without delay and protecting against future infestations.

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This new system offers the following benefits:

  • Faster bait delivery
  • Always in the ground and immediately available to termites
  • A proactive line of defense
  • Active ingredient, noviflumuron, proven effective at eliminating termite colonies
  • Enough bait in one bait device to eliminate a typical termite colony
  • Spread from termite to termite throughout the colony
  • In termite palatability tests, is preferred four to one over wood, is devoured faster than wood and becomes more palatable the longer it stays in the ground
  • Breakthrough, durable bait matrix remains active and palatable
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