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  • How do I get Lady Bugs out of my home?

    Lady bugs enter homes this time of year to escape the cold. Once the weather warms, the Lady Bugs will leave. As they crawl up under the siding and near entrances, they often find there way inside your home. All they really want to do is spend the winter under your siding where the warm house provides them with some protection from the cold. If you are experiencing problems in just a couple rooms, try to remove switch plates and plug plates and use electrical tape to cover any openings. Also caulk any spaces around door and window trim both inside and outside the house. You can also caulk under the siding to eliminate points of access. Use a vacuum cleaner on the lady bugs that get into the house. Killing the lady bugs behind the walls with pesticides is not always the best solution. The dead lady bugs will attract other insects such as dermestid beetles. Remember, Lady Bugs are beneficial, they prey on ornamental pests.

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