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  • We have a cat and dog, its the cat that is the main problem. We are fleaing him and vacuuming the carpets but there still seem to be fleas. Can you please name some products to kill the fleas?

    If you taken steps to control fleas on the pets and you continue to see problems, it is a sign that infestation has gotten into your rug or flooring. This requires the use of residual sprays inside your home to the rugs to control future emerging fleas. In may be in your best interest to try a professional exterminator at this stage. I would only recommend that a licensed pesticide applicator use residuals inside the home.

  • We have sand fleas. What is the best way to get rid of them if you have allergy problems with most insecticides?

    Sand flea is another name for a cat or dog flea. If you do not have a dog or cat and you have no history of a pet being in your home you may want to check for a raccoon in the chimney or a stray animal living close to your home. All fleas have an animal host and humans are rarely the primary host. Once you locate the animal host you need to take steps to get the pet on a flea program or the wild animal away from your home. The next step is to thoroughly clean and vacuum any areas inside your home which the animal occupies. The last step would be to develop a treatment for the infested areas inside or outside your home with the help of your local exterminator. You should always feel comfortable with their methods. Growth regulators are just one example of a material which provides the maximum safety and effectiveness.

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