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Keeping Ants Out Of Your House – Lewis Cobb Pest Control

Ants In The Kitchen

The best advice we can give is be proactive and try to prevent, instead of treat, an ant infestation. It might be easier said than done but in this post we will give you 2 easy ways to squash potential ant problems before they start and 1 way to get rid of them if they get in your house.

1. Keep It Clean – Ants are looking for food and that is basically it. The sweeter the food the better and ants have an extraordinary ability to find that food anywhere in your house.  There could be food in the sink, under your couch, in your cupboards, or even your pets food can attract hundreds of the small pests.

Make sure to vacuum on a regular basis. One small piece of food is all that it takes to have ants crawling all over your living room. Even though moving furniture can be difficult it is worth doing to make sure you have sucked up all the small pieces of food debris that have migrated under your couch. Try to wipe your counters down after cooking, especially if they get sticky from fruit or baked goods. Ants love the sweets and when one ant finds it the rest aren’t very far behind.

Here in Central Florida the best thing you can do is make sure to not leave any food out and to put food in sealed containers whenever possible. It is good to keep sugar, flour, and other foods in tightly sealed containers not only because of ants but also because of beetles and other bugs that like to get into the food.

2. Seal The Cracks – The tropical climate in Orlando and the rest of Florida means you won’t be able to get away from the ants, beetles, and other bugs but you can prevent them from getting into your home.  Take a walk around your house, both inside and outside, and see if you can find any places that ants could be getting in. Since they are so small it can be difficult to determine exactly where they could get in. The rule we follow is that any space that light can get through an ant can get through. That means tiny little spaces under doors, in windowsills, gaps around pipes going into your home (cables from tv or phone too) or small cracks in a wall can all allow ants to get in.

Dedicate a weekend afternoon to sealing up these small spaces with caulk, rubber seals, or foam. If ants do get into your home set a few traps, follow their trail to the entry point and seal it up, and then spray the trail to kill any stragglers.

3. Kill The Ants – If all else fails you can try to treat the ant problem with common household goods or store bought poisons or sprays. A lot of people use a combination of sugar, water, and boric acid. Usually 2 cups of water, 2 cups of sugar, and 2 tablespoons of boric acid will do the trick. Make sure to keep this mixture away from pets and children.

If the ant problem becomes too big you should give an Lewis Cobb pest control specialist a call so we can take care of it for you. We only use EPA approved solutions for ant problems so you don’t have to worry about your children or pets getting into it like you do with other poisons.

Hopefully these tips helped you out and visit our blog for more tips on ants, termites, and other pests that you might come across in Orlando and all of Central Florida.