Orange, Seminole, Osceola

Giant Mosquitos Land In Orlando and Central Florida

They are back! The large mosquitoes known as Gallinippers (Psorophora Ciliata) have once again been spotted in Central Florida. Last week reports came out of Seminole County that they had begun to bite. There had been talk about this breed of mosquitoes can be 20 times the size of a regular mosquito – not true. They are about 3 times the size but deliver a more painful bite, which has been known to make it through lite clothing.

With all of the recent rain the large eggs have begun to hatch. The eggs need to be laid in low-lying areas with damp soil and grassy overgrowth, which is why these big guys aren’t flying all over Chicago or New York. It won’t be like a scene from Hitchcock’s Birds here in Central Florida, and there wont be a giant swarm of them that block out the sun, but there will be plenty of us getting bit out on the boat, at little league games, and in our backyards during cookouts.

The best Gallinipper deterrent is bug spray, heavy clothing (hard when it is 100 degrees and humid out), and citronella candles. Bug zappers will work too but they zap with no discretion and can many times kill helpful insects that you want in your garden or backyard. The silver lining is that while they can be annoying and a little painful the Gallinipper doesn’t carry any diseases harmful to humans so if you are out for your evening walk and are attacked all you have to worry about it getting home and bathing in cortizone.

For more information and some over exaggeration on Gallinippers you can watch the video below. For all of your other pet needs and mosquito control you can contact Lewis Cobb Pest Control in Orlando and Central Florida