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New tile-roofed home with palm trees and lush tropical foliage. Florida.There is nothing nicer than a lush green lawn. It makes you feel better and your home look better.

But in Central Florida, every lawn can get a serious infestation of bugs or weeds in no time at all.

As a homeowner, you need to stay on top of your lawn and look for signs of problems. But finding problems and having the time to solve them are two different things! Our applications are at the peak times these problems occur and we are there, ready to combat them, with your help, when the need arises!

Greenscape Lawn Care Service

Lewis Cobb Greenscape Lawn Care ServiceWe protect your turf, trees, and ornamental shrubs against harmful insects and diseases with our regular fertilization and treatment programs. Our services also protect the investment in your landscaping which adds so much to the value of your home or business.

We also offer Exterior Flea and Tick service as well as Annual Fire Ant control.

Let’s go ahead and set up a free evaluation of your lawn.

As your lawn care company we visit the lawn approximately every six to eight weeks during the growing season. As the homeowner you see the lawn virtually every day. If you begin to see subtle changes in the turf please notify us immediately so a technician can be dispatched as soon as possible to minimize possible damage. If a retreatment needs to be performed it will be done at our expense.

As partners, we can achieve the results you desire for your lawn. Please follow the important instructions we leave at your door concerning water and mowing, after we perform your service.

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