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Watering Your Lawn – Lewis Cobb Lawn Care

Having a lush green lawn in Florida takes some work, especially this year, but by following our tips and with a little help from us it will be something you can enjoy all year.

Here are a few tips to keep your lawn nice and green:

  • Lawns need at least 1″- 1 1/2″ of water every week, either by rainfall or watered by irrigation systems. Use a rain gauge as you water to see how much water you are putting down on various areas around your yard.
  • The best times to water are early in the morning when there is less wind.
  • It is important to water your lawn, especially if there is a drought, but make sure to not over water.  Not only will you waste water and money but you can also hurt your lawn and increase the chance of developing fungus and disease.
  • The best way to tell if your lawn needs to be watered is to look at it.  Most grass will start to take on a blueish-grey tint when it starts to dry out.  Also footprints will remain on your lawn longer than usual since the grass won’t “bounce back”.
  • Try not to water the sidewalk, street, or driveway.  It may seem like common sense but sprinklers should be aimed to water your lawn and slight adjustments to them can save a lot of water and save you a lot of money.
  • If you notice water pooling on your driveway or running onto the street, turn of the sprinklers for about 15 to 20 minutes, and then resume watering.  This will help you avoid wasteful runoff.
  • Some parts of your lawn may require hand watering.  Examples may include south-facing slopes and un-shaded areas of a shady lawn.  If you try to water these areas with your existing irrigation system, you run the risk of over watering the whole lawn.

For additional help and information about taking care of your lawn please contact a Lewis Cobb representative.