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Orlando house fumigationIf you have seen a home or building wrapped in tarps, you’ve seen a fumigation in progress. Fumigation is the process that eliminates insects from a structure with the use of a fumigant.

The fumigant is used because between the interior and exterior of your home or business lies a no man’s land inaccessible to even professional termite inspectors. However, these spaces are not inaccessible to drywood termites and beetles, which feed there, often undetected. Spot treatments often miss them, giving you a false sense of security and wasting your money.

A complete treatment with a fumigant reaches into every corner of the structure including inaccessible areas, and kills every drywood termite, including those you may have never seen.

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The Process

Before the fumigant is introduced, the structure is completely sealed to contain the fumigant in the building so it can penetrate the wood thoroughly and eliminate the pests. The average home will usually be covered with tarpaulins, commonly called “tarps”. The building will remain sealed for approximately 24 hours, depending upon the specifics of the individual job. Warning signs are posted around the building notifying people that the property is being fumigated, and to keep out. After the tarp is removed, a professional fumigator will aerate the structure for 24 hours by opening the doors and windows. The fumigator is required to test the structure to make sure all of the fumigant is removed from the building before allowing the residents to return.

What About My Furniture and Other Belongings?

Your home is your greatest investment – why not protect it? Your home and the possessions in it are valuable. Don’t let termites or other wood-destroying beetles like powder post beetles destroy the things you love. We’ve been treating wood-destroying pests in Florida for over 73 years, which means no one knows protection like we do. As a family-owned company, it’s our mission to limit both physical and emotional damage caused by termites and powder post beetles that destroy valuable and meaningful possessions such as wood furniture. Because of this, we’re one of the only pest management companies in the area that offers vault fumigation for furniture.

Vault Fumigation

If your furniture is infested with drywood termites, or other types of wood boring insects you can have them treated in our fumigation vault. By treating your furniture within our vault, we’ll be able to stop drywood termites and powder post beetles in their tracks, prevent further damage, and save your furniture that would otherwise have been destroyed. Furniture fumigation for drywood termites is the best control method as it will kill all insects and their eggs inside the furniture, regardless of where they’re hiding. The process penetrates deep into nesting areas.

Vault fumigation won’t damage your furniture and doesn’t leave any odor or surface residue behind.

Our company is licensed to perform vault fumigation and must meet strict state requirements to perform this work. Our vault is registered with and inspected by the Department of Agriculture to ensure that it is safe to operate and does not constitute a danger to human health or the environment.

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