Question: I am in contact with tick-infested areas almost daily and am very concerned about Lyme disease. Although I have not been bitten yet, I frequently remove ticks from clothing and even crawling on my skin. I ride my horse in a woody area and shower immediately upon my return, which is where I catch most of them. My concern is that although I comb my hair out when wet, is there any possibility that they can still hide up there? And would I definitely be aware if I was bitten (pain, itching, etc.)?

Answer: I would recommend contacting a doctor or your state agricultural center to get information on the visual symptoms that may or may not follow a Lyme infected tick bite. As only an exterminator, I would not be doing you a service commenting on what little I do know. I can say that combing your hair while wet and massaging your scalp should be an effective way of finding any ticks that may be hiding in your hair. You may want to familiarize yourself with the sizes of different kinds of ticks as well the size of nymphs vs. adult ticks. Knowing how small they can be will make you better prepared.

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