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Whether you have roaches in your home or the thought of roaches around your floors and walls makes your skin crawl, the bottom line is; roaches are in any building in Central Florida whether you have the cleanest home or not. Treating roaches is a top priority in Lewis Cobb’s Pest Control Services. We eliminate roaches, and other bugs in your home or business or we come back- Guaranteed!

At Lewis Cobb Peest Control, we have provided safe, and reliable bug removal and control services since 1946. To learn more about roach removal or other pest control services we provide in Orlando and the surrounding Central Florida communities, call or click here to contact us today for a free inspection of your home or business.

Question: My home is TOTALLY infested with cockroaches. It is a small (one bedroom) place and is packed with books, clothes, and other possessions. In addition, I have two pet iguanas that must be fed wet cat food daily. How do you recommend I deal with this problem? Are the roaches eating my papers/book bindings? Is it possible to get rid of them without throwing out or unpacking the boxes of books and clothing? Would insecticides be a danger to my lizards? What strategy is likely to be most effective?

Answer: The most important part of any cockroach elimination program is removing the cockroaches source of food and shelter. Boxes and other storage can make a nice home for roaches to infest and spread. A constant supply of wet cat food can provide enough food alone for a large population of cockroaches. In serve cases such as yours, you need a professional service such as Lewis Cobb to find and eliminate the cockroaches and keep them from coming back. As long as you keep removing their shelter and providing their only source of food (roach bait), the roach population will continue to shrink under these environmental stresses. Since you have pets, I would not recommend using liquid pesticides inside your home. Forget the sprays too, they build up a resistance and it will no longer be effective.

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Steve is wonderful. I am extremely satisfied with Lewis Cobb and have been for years!

Mary Jane N. / Winter Springs
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