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Mice and other rodents are a continuous problem in Central Florida. Homes and businesses of any size or social class are not immune to having mice or other rodents (such as rats) from inhabiting attics, walls, or just about any small crack or space in the building. The question is whether or not to remove them yourself or hire a professional such as Lewis Cobb Pest Control with proven success in removing and preventing mice and other rodents from entering your home or business again.

Since 1946, Lewis Cobb has provided reliable and safe pest control, termite control in Orlando and all of Central Florida. Contact Lewis Cobb today for a free no-obligation inspection of your home or business.

Question: We recently had problems with mice which was taken care of by a professional pest service. After the service was done we set up a few bait stations in our basement as a preventive measure. Consequently, a mouse ate the poison and managed to crawl up the walls of our first floor before dying. The decomposing odor is quite strong; is there anything we can do about it? How long does it usually take for the body to decompose and the smell to go away?

Answer: Mice are very tiny and the smell should clear in a week or two.

Question: Need advice on the removal of mice from our home, thus far eight have been trapped.

Answer: Inspect your house for mouse droppings. Remove any items that may have been a food source for the mice and place your traps or bait in these areas. Put out as many traps and baits as you can afford because the greater the number of traps out in a single night the sooner the problem will be solved. Never place traps where people or pets can contact them. Inspect your traps daily and reset or replace bait as needed. Garages and crawl spaces should not be overlooked since many problems begin in these areas. Inspect for point of entry outside and seal them off.

Question: I am doing research on ways to eliminate rats and mice from buildings housing electronic equipment, but no normally occupied. Poisons are NOT the preferred solutions, as the rodents tend to die in the building! The buildings can not easily be sealed. Do you have any specific information about the suitability of ultrasonic (or similar) devices. Do the REALLY work? Is there any supporting tests or other evidence?

Answer: Our company has never used electronic equipment for rodents or insects for that matter. Personally, I do not believe they are effective in eliminating infestations of any kind. I have come across commercial establishments which have installed them during construction but after a few years they have returned to traditional methods. If odor is your biggest concern, use lots of snap traps or glue boards initially to eliminate the infestation and then use bait stations to deter future infestations.

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