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At Lewis Cobb, we provide professional bee and wasp removal services for your home or commercial buildings throughout Central Florida. Safety is our number one priority for you and your loved ones. Some of our common questions on bee control is listed below. Bee hive removal services you can rely on. We control flying wasps, carpenter bees, and bumble bees. Trust Lewis Cobb Pest Control to safely remove dangerous bees and wasps with a FREE inspection. Call or click here to contact us today.

Question: How do I get rid of “Mining” or “Burrowing” bees? I am trying different things that do not seem to work.

Answer: A “Digger Wasp” may be what you are referring to when you say “burrowing bee.” There are many different common names for this wasp. They are considered beneficial because they feed on beetle larvae which infest your lawn. If you wish to remove the infestation you should consider having you lawn treated for grubs. Eliminating the food source is a long term solution and the treatment should also discourage the wasp from feeding in your lawn.

Question: Two or more bee nests (underground) have been discovered in my back yard. What do I do?

Answer: If you decide the professional route is not for you, you should consider injecting a pesticide dust inside the bees nesting area and around the outside of the hole. Wear a Bee suit! The treatment should be done at night or during a rainfall. The will be less active at this time (do not attempt a treatment unless the bees are inactive or you may get stung.) After the dust has been applied, the bees will die out over a period of days. Always be sure to follow label instructions. You should let a professional handle this as some species, like yellowjackets, can be very aggressive when disturbed.

Question: Have just moved into new house. Low on funds. Would appreciate your advice. Thick and old honeysuckle bushes in back on and around fence. Many bumblebees coming out of bushes and terrifying us when on our deck. I can’t get the bushes chopped down until I kill the bees. What do you suggest?

Answer: You could try doing it after dusk using flashlights or during days when there is a light rain. Most likely the bees will not be out at these times.

Question: Have you ever seen a massive carpenter bee infestation? Would it cause a black film to seep through the clapboards on a house? How can I clean this stuff off?

Answer: I have seen the excrement of carpenter bees splashed against the siding opposite the entrance to there holes. It looks like a blackish-yellow mixture caked onto the house. I’ve never tried to clean it off so I’m not sure what the best method would be. Call a professional to confirm your diagnosis.

Question: Is there any information on keeping bees out of yards. Many bushes in my yard attract bees. My baby plays in the general vicinity! Any suggestions for traps or repellents?

Answer: Treatments to the yard and bushes with a liquid insecticide can be very effective on bees. Many product labels include a warning not to treat when Honey Bees are near. They are so effective that they when we make these treatments we need to notify beekeepers within a one mile radius so they can contain their bees during the treatment date. If you are dealing with a honey bee problem you may want to contact your state beekeeper organization to find out if any beekeepers are close by. They may be persuaded to relocate their bees if there are large numbers. Or you can replant non-flowering plants to keep bees away. If you are seeing wasps, yellow jackets or any other noncommercial insect this treatment should work well. Call us to help you develop a plan if you do not want to treat yourself or if the hive is on or in the structure.

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