Giant Mosquitos Land In Orlando and Central Florida

They are back! The large mosquitoes known as Gallinippers (Psorophora Ciliata) have once again been spotted in Central Florida. Last week reports came out of Seminole County that they had begun to bit... Learn More »

Keeping Ants Out Of Your House – Lewis Cobb Pest Control

The best advice we can give is be proactive and try to prevent, instead of treat, an ant infestation. It might be easier said than done but in this post we will give you 2 easy ways to squash potent... Learn More »

Red Imported Fire Ants – Lewis Cobb Pest Control

Fire ants in Central Florida can cause lawn damage and pain for any person or animal who accidentally step in one of their nest sites. The Red Imported Fire Ant varies in size and has a dark brown gas... Learn More »

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Steve is wonderful. I am extremely satisfied with Lewis Cobb and have been for years!

Mary Jane N. / Winter Springs
Pest Control Since 2003

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